Corrosion Proof Anti-rust Explosion Proof CCTV Camera Housing For High Salty Area

Corrosion Proof Anti-rust Explosion Proof CCTV Camera Housing For High Salty Area


Main features: 

·CNEx certificated
·Adopts stainless steel 316L
·Surface finish: electropolished or corrosion resistant paint finish
·2 cable glands
·Tempered glass with nanometer paint film
·Applicable for the extreme circumstances with explosive gas or dust, like petro-chemical, offshore, marine, oil tank, gas station, onshore sites.
·Installation: mounted on ceiling, wall with pan &tilt, brackets.
·accessories: sun shield, lens decoder, window wiper, wiper decoder, auto-cooling modular.
·Communication and : Pelco-D/ Pelco-P
·Output: AV/optical fiber/twisted pair/H.264
·camera optional: analog camera, network camera, thermal camera




Corrosion Proof Anti-rust Explosion Proof CCTV Camera Housing For High Salty Area Description:

SH12 series is SAKIA 2016 year new developed corrosion proof type explosion proof cctv camera housing, which is widely applied for marine, chemical factory, metal poweder factory and more aggressive area.

it is Exd type,which lines to GB3836.2, fit for gas zone 1, zone2. Dust zone 20, 21, 22. SH12 series's explosion proof marking is Exd II CT6/DIP A20 TA, T6. its dust protection rate reaches to IP68. SAKIA camera housing adopts Stainless steel 304 or 316L material, which also named as corrosion proof CCTV camera,dust proof CCTV camera, weather proof CCTV camera, flame proof CCTV camera. SH12  housing/ enclosure surface also can be special treated, like electro-polished, corrosion painting finish,according to customer requirement. SH12 serise adopts 12mm thickness tempered window glass, with sun shiled, window wiper,which is fit for outdoor and indoor mounting. SH12  series can be mounted on fixed brackets(model: SH10 for one point surveillance; At the housing end flange, there're 2 threaded holes for video cable and power cable. its size is G3/4 (inner diameter is 20mm). SH12 camera housing size: 300*70*70mm .98% cameras on the market can be installed in our stainless steel housing. Customers can offer camera and let us to make free installation.on the other hand, SAKIA also offer integrated housing with installed camera.




With stringent certifications, explosion-proof CCTV housed cameras enable safe, effective surveillance for chemical sites, oil and gas facilities, food processing plants and numerous other hazardous environments. such as Chemical factory, petrochemical processing plant, pharmaceutical plant, Oil refinery plant, Gas station,Oil tank truck, Natural gas project,Marine, offshore/ onshore oil drilling platform, coal mine, Grain storage, winery storage, fertilizer storage ect.


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